LatinX in Natural Language Processing – Research Workshop at NAACL 2024


LatinX in NLP (LXNLP) is hosting a workshop to connect LatinX identifying AI Researchers and Engineers around the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL) taking place June 16th, 2024.


Mariano Felice
Dr Mariano Felice is a Senior Researcher and Data Scientist for Language Assessment and Learning at the British Council. His work involves looking at how artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) can be used to improve language learning and assessment, from mining datasets and building models to supporting colleagues in the adoption of new technology. Mariano is also a Visiting Researcher at the University of Cambridge, where he completed his PhD in Computer Science and worked as a Research Associate before joining the British Council. Mariano has published extensively in top-tier NLP conferences and is a frequent speaker at international conferences and reviewer for workshops, journals and conferences in his field.

Jocelyn Dunstan Escudero
Prof. Jocelyn Dunstan Escudero is an academic at the Catholic University of Chile in a joint appointment between the Department of Computer Science and the Institute for Mathematical and Computational Engineering. She holds a master’s in Physics, a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and a postdoc in public health. Prof. Dunstan leads the clinical natural language processing group in Chile. In particular, they use methods to extract critical information and support decision-making. Besides, she is leading applied projects to leverage information extracted from free text with a gender perspective and privacy-preserving approaches. She also has a podcast called “ciencia de datos”. She enjoys discussing work-life balance in academia, the need for more diversity in science, and the importance of interdisciplinary research.


June 16-21, 2024

Mexico City, Mexico