SIGMOD/PODS 2024: IMFD present in side events and discussion panels

June 2024.- From June 9 to 14, in Chile will take place one of the most influential international data science conferences: SIGMOD/PODS 2024, held for the first time in Latin America. Researchers from the Millennium Institute Foundational Research on Data (IMFD) will share their scientific findings, conduct tutorials, and present demos of computational developments (more information here). 

Along with the main conference, during the six days, a series of events will take place with the goal of deepening the debate in several areas of data science, featuring participation from IMFD researchers, students, and engineers.

On Sunday, June 9, at the 3rd International Workshop on Data Systems Education, Matías López, a master’s student in Computer Science at the University of Chile, will present on a web interface for modeling relationships between entities. This workshop, organized by the DataEd Initiative, aims to share experiences and research and discuss data management systems education models.

Parallel to SIGMOD/PODS 2024, the 17th Technical User Committee Meeting of the Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC) will take place. This scientific organization aims to promote research in graph processing technologies. This event, organized by Renzo Angles from the University of Talca, will feature presentations by our director Juan Reutter, a professor at DCC UC and IMC UC; Carlos Rojas, an IMFD engineer; and Sebastián Ferrada, an academic at DCC at the University of Chile.

Diversity and Inclusion in Data Science

On Wednesday, June 12, a session organized by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative will take place, aiming to address data management and responsible handling from various perspectives.

The session will include a panel titled “Global Voices in Data: Navigating Responsible Management and Processing with Diverse Perspectives”, featuring panelists such as Jocelyn Dunstan Escudero, academic at DCC UC and IMC UC, and an IMFD and AC3E researcher. She will share her insights based on her experience leading projects that study how to extract information from text with a gender perspective and focus on privacy protection.

Also on the panel will be the IMFD researcher Ricardo Baeza-Yates, director of the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University (USA) and a full professor at DCC at the University of Chile. Baeza-Yates will share his vision based on his extensive experience in studying biases and experiences related to artificial intelligence.

As part of the DEI Initiative session, there will also be an interactive presentation to share statistics, comments, and strategies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in both SIGMOD/PODS and other related events. This will be moderated by our deputy director Aidan Hogan, an academic at DCC at the University of Chile, and Jesús Camacho Rodríguez from Microsoft. The talk is a “Birds of Feather” session, self-organized meetings by conference attendees with similar interests.

Knowledge Graphs

On Friday, June 14, two parallel events will take place alongside SIGMOD/PODS 2024.

The first is the 7th Workshop on Graph Data Management Experiences and Systems (GRADES), IMFD researcher Adrián Gómez Brandón (University of A Coruña, Spain) will present the research “Space & Time Efficient Leapfrog Triejoin,” co-authored by IMFD researchers and students Diego Arroyuelo, Domagoj Vrgoc (IMC UC), Daniela Campos, Gonzalo Navarro (DCC University of Chile), and Carlos Rojas (IMFD engineer).

The knowledge graph TelarKG, which gathers and models data from the 2020 constitutional process, will be presented by Sebastián Ferrada, academic at DCC at the University of Chile. This research is co-authored by researchers Renzo Angles, Vicente Calisto, Javiera Díaz, Aidan Hogan, Alexander Pinto, Juan Reutter, Carlos Rojas, Henry Rosales-Méndez, Hernán Sarmiento, Etienne Toussaint, and Domagoj Vrgoc.

At the close of GRADES, as an invited talk, Domagoj Vrgoc (IMC UC) will present “PODS in Practice: Can Database Theory be Useful for Developing Graph Systems?”, sharing the experience of the MillenniumDB research group on what is needed to implement the basic theoretical foundations of the field in a graph database engine.

Responsible AI Governance

On Friday, June 14, the first GUIDE-AI workshop will also be held for the first time, aiming to address governance, understanding, and integration of data for effective and responsible artificial intelligence development. IMFD researcher Leo Bertossi, from Skema Business School in Canada, will participate in the panel “The Role of Database Management Research for Responsible AI.” 


Along with the main conference, during the six days, a series of events will take place with the goal of deepening the debate in several areas of data science, featuring participation from IMFD researchers, students, and engineers.
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