Innovation and Tech Transfer Team

The Innovation and Tech Transfer Unit has a team of engineers and data scientists in charge of the assessment and development of projects, with the guidance of the board of the department.

Jazmine Maldonado, Data Scientist: Computer Engineer and Master in Computer Science from the Universidad de Chile. She was part of the development team of the Galean and Twicalli projects. Jazmine is also the manager and board member of Niñas Pro, a non-profit organization that seeks to reduce the gender gap in STEM areas by teaching computational thinking to girls and young women.
José Miguel Herrera, Data Scientist: PhD Student in Computer Science, Universidad de Chile. Master in Computer Science and Informatics Engineer, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. His research areas are data mining, information retrieval, question answering, NLP (natural language processing) and social media.
Tomás Díaz, Projects Engineer: Computer Engineer, Universidad de Chile. Engineer from the Ecole Centrale at Lille, France. His interests are programming languages and the formal verification of softwares.