Innovation and Tech Transfer

Our Work

The Millennium Institute Foundational Research on Data (IMFD), aware of the growing needs of the public and private sectors in terms of data, created in 2018 the Innovation and Techn Transfer Unit. Its goals are to develop and strengthen ties with the government, public organizations and private companies that face urgent requirements in matters related to data. By offering our experience at the service of the country, we hope to be a strategic allied and collaborate in the diagnosis of needs and the development of solutions, thanks to the cutting-edge human capital that we are training. We hace different mechanisms to provide counselling and services to the organizations from the public and private sector. For further information, please, contact us at

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Our services

Public and private organizations produce today massive amount of data: Is it possible to use that data to improve their business? Can these institutions extract intelligence from the data? Can they understand their audiences’ behavior and improve the relationship with them? Can they make processes more efficient? The IMFD Innovation and Tech Transfer have the best capabilities to analyze these matters and transform data into value for our clients. Learn more about our services below:

Machine Learning & AI
We develop machine learning models and solutions based on artificial intelligence to enhance products or services. By applying cutting-edge techniques, is it possible to automate tasks or generate alerts and recommendations, increasing the efficiency of your processes.

Data Integration for Business Intelligence
We develop solutions to manage the entire life cycle of data, from the identification of the optimal forms of storage to the development of integration and analysis solutions. This allows the organizations to make decisions based on intelligence.

R&D Projects
There are problems for which there is no technical solution, or those that exist do not adapt well to some specific needs. The IMFD Innovation and Tech Transfer team has the ability to carry out research based on science, to create an innovative solution truly tailored to our clients and strategic allies needs.

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Our team

The Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit is one of the fastest growing areas of the Millennium Institute Foundational Research on Data. It is led by Adrián Soto (CEO) and the team is formed by data engineers, data analysts, designers and developers in charge of analyzing and developing initiatives and projects to provide solutions to the most diverse needs related to data. Click here to meet our team.

Our Values

We have a strong focus on quality in each of our activities and we make sure to maintain a critical perspective, that allows us to find solutions that meet our standards.

We care that everyone can enjoy their work and develop their skills in a place where as well as work, the physical and mental well-being is of the utmost importance.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve. Whatever we do today, we can do better tomorrow. We learn and move forward by observing our own experiences and those of others.

Individual responsibility, with our team, with our clients, with resources and with the environment is key in the development of our work.

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We explore the foundational problems on data to understand it in all of its complexity
Our projects