Innovation and Tech Transfer

Our Work

The Millennium Institute Foundational Research on Data is aware of the increasing and urgent requirements related to data that are arising in both the public and private sector.

That is why, in order to achieve an effective transfer of knowledge to society both in Chile and abroad, we have created the Innovation and Tech Transfer Unit, which has the goal of developing and strengthening ties with government entities and public and private organizations to help them address their needs on data.

With the creation of this department, the institute aims to put to the service of the country its experience in frontier science, and to collaborate in the detection of needs and the development of solutions that allow society to take full advantage of the advanced human capital it is currently forming.

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Our services

The Millennium Institute Foundational Research on Data has a team of engineers led by renowned researchers from the institute, able to assist in the analysis, diagnosis and search of solutions to high-demand problems regarding data.

The Innovation and Tech Transfer Unit can offer consultancies or develop projects to evaluate requirements and needs, to analyse potential solutions and to supervise their implementation.

The areas in which we are working in include systems management and analysis of large volumes of data, technologies for the accountability of transactions and information through blockchain, and many others.


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We can provide counselling and advice to the organizations from the public and private sector that need to address different requirements related to data. For further information, please, contact us at

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Our team

The Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit is one of the fastest growing areas of the Millennium Institute Foundational Research on Data. This department is led by Martín Ugarte (CEO) and Jazmine Maldonado (CTO) and has a team of data engineers, data analysts, designers and developers in charge of analyzing and developing initiatives and projects to provide solutions to the most diverse needs related to data. Click here to meet our team.

This unit has an advisory board, with associate researcher Jorge Pérez as academic director of the unit. Click here to meet the advisory council.

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We explore the foundational problems on data to understand it in all of its complexity