Postgraduate Studies and Networking

Postgraduate Programs

The Millennium Institute Foundational Research of Data is a joint initiative led by the P. Universidad Católica de Chile and the Universidad de Chile, with associate researchers from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, the Universidad de Concepción, the Universidad de Talca and the Universidad Diego Portales.

One of the main advantages that our institute offers to postgraduate students is the possibility of taking courses in different universities within the same training framework: for example, it is possible for them to be part of the PhD program in Computer Science of the Universidad Católica de Chile, and take classes in areas of their special interest in the Universidad de Chile.

Learn about our PhD programs here.

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Researcher Career

The Millennium Institute Foundational Research on Data has a strong commitment to the advancement of the students. To define this, we have developed an Academic Career Policy, which establishes the routes for you to join the IMFD either from undergraduate or from the masters and doctoral programs.

You can work in any of our Research Areas or, ideally, within the frame of one of our Emblematic Projects.

The institute fosters an interdisciplinary approach to do research: for those looking for challenging new projects, the IMFD may be the best center to develop their ideas.

The participation in outreach activities is also highly encouraged: we consider scientific divulgation is part of the work of all the researchers of the institute.

Once you have completed your training in the IMFD, you can continue with your career by applying for a postdoctoral position and, by doing so, to develop a research career.

For those interested in connections with the public and private sectors, the projects led by the Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit can be a way to meet closer the current needs in data.

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Courses, workshops and talks

We look for bringing the science of data closer to all those interested in understanding and applying its principles at work.

We are commited to achieve this goal by developing seminars, talks and workshops for teachers and their students, civil society organizations and professionals whose work is based on or need data (such as journalists and sociologists among many others).

We are open to any inititiave that can make the most of the training in data mining and data intelligence we can provide.

Our programs, courses and talks are adapted to the growing and different needs in data education.

We develop these projects in collaboration with the Outreach Unit, with emphasis on the training of groups that are key in improving access to public information and the empowerment of citizens (teachers, social movements, etc.). We work closely with initiatives that look for reducing the gender gap in data science.

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Colaboration Networks

We do collaborative research with a large network of universities and research centers both in Chile and abroad, all of them doing advanced science in the most challenging problems related to data.

In addition, our partnerships with public and private institutions allow us to develop research projects aligned with the emerging needs related to data of diverse organizations.

Our students takes part permanently on the most important scientific events and they can also work at international research centers or universities as part of their training when needed.


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