Constitutional Change and Social Demands: Can the Gap be Closed?


The 2019 protests revealed to the world a huge gap between the results of the Chilean democratic system and the social demands of ordinary Chileans citizen. Although many international observers viewed Chile as a political and economic model, in recent years public dissatisfaction with the functioning of both the political and economic systems reached levels extraordinarily high. That is why the current constituent process is seen as a way to address the growing social demands that have shaken the Chilean political and economic system. This forum will analyze whether the process of writing the Constitution, will be able to effectively address the social demands that have shaken the country and restore public confidence?



DANIEL BRINKS, Professor of Government and of Law and Chair of the Government Department, University of Texas- Austin

ROSSANA CASTIGLIONI, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and History, Universidad Diego Portales

YANIRA ZÚÑIGA, Professor of the Institute of Public Law, Universidad Austral de Chile

MARISOL PEÑA, Professor of Constitutional Law, Department of Public Law, Pontificia Universidad Católica

Moderated by: SEBASTIÁN SOTO, Professor, Public Law Department; Director of the Public Law Department, School of Law, Pontificia Universidad Católica



March 19th, 12.00 hrs with registration in: 


In Collaboration with:

Instituto de Asuntos Públicos, Universidad de Chile
Instituto Milenio Fundamentos de los Datos
Laboratorio Constitucional, Universidad Diego Portales
Facultad de Derecho, Pontificia Universidad Católica
Instituto de Ciencia Política, Facultad de Historia, Geografía y Ciencia Política, Pontificia Universidad Católica
Chilean Caucus. A Student Organization, Harvard Kennedy School
Latin American Caucus. An HKS Student Organization
Escuela de Gobierno, Pontificia Universidad Católica

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