IMFD visits U. de Concepción to consolidate ties with students and researchers

The first official 2019 visit of the Millennium Institute Foundational Research on Data (IMFD) to the Universidad de Concepción (UdeC) will take place this Friday, April 12th.

Pablo Barceló, Deputy Director of the institute; Claudio Gutiérrez, senior researcher; Gonzalo Navarro, associate researcher (all of them professors at the Universidad de Chile), will join to the IMFD scientists at the Universidad de Concepción -Andrea Rodríguez, UdeC vice president of Innovation and Development; Diego Seco, head of the Department of Informatics Engineering and Computer Science, and the director of DemoData UdeC, Sergio Toro, professor of Political Science and Public Administration- for a meeting with the President of the Universidad de Concepción, professor Carlos Saavedra Rubilar, in order to share the visions of each institution in the field of data science, to discuss about existing collaborations and explore potential future alliances.

At noon, in the Auditorium 105 of the Faculty of Engineering, IMFD researchers will meet with the students and professors of the Universidad de Concepción to share with them the innovative projects that are being developed in our institute. All of them are being addressed with an interdisciplinary approach, with political scientists, journalists, mathematicians, computer engineers, and designers, among other professionals, working together to solve current and urgent problems.

“Our commitment with the regions is strong and we are deeply convinced that in our country today we have young people highly interested in all the fascinating research areas of the science of data. This is why we want to share with them the possibilities they have to develop a career within the Millennium Institute Foundational Research on Data”, states Pablo Barceló. The invitation is open to the students from all the disciplines, considering that in the IMFD work together with students and researchers from Communications, Political Science, Statistics, Design and Computer Engineering.

Gonzalo Navarro and Diego Seco will have a meeting with Guillermo Cabrera, a researcher in Astroinformatics at the Universidad de Concepción, to further develop the ideas for a collaboration that emerged on the past I Workshop MAS-IMFD held recently at the Universidad de Chile to connect astronomy with the science of data.

In parallel, Jazmine Maldonado and José Miguel Herrera, data scientists within the Innovation and Tech Transfer Unit of the IMFD, will have a meeting with Mabel Alarcón, a researcher at the Universidad de Concepción and director of the initiative “Innovation for the port development at the Biobío region”.

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