Introduction to Data Science Workshop: a new way of understanding the world around us

January 2023.- With an invitation to see our reality from the perspective of data, the Millennium Institute Fundamentals of Data held the Introduction to Data Science Workshop -without a computer- at the UC Department of Computer Science. On this occasion, those who participated were teachers from different establishments in the central area of the country.

The main thing in this session was to understand what is the meaning of the data and to observe how it is everywhere. Here the teachers learned to identify, analyze, visualize and publicize data through a brief cachipún tournament: rock, paper or scissors, dividing into pairs and then into two large groups.

The workshop consisted of four parts, where those who guided and helped the participants were Hernán Sarmiento, PhD(c) from the Department of Computer Science of the U. de Chile, and Camila Vera, a Master’s student in Computing UC, both belonging to to the Millennium Institute Fundamentals of Data.

“The workshop encourages us to begin to see the things that surround us in a different way, showing that we can collect data on the most everyday phenomena and actions. It is very relevant to be implemented in the classrooms of the teachers who participated”, said Margarita Santiago, a member of the PAR Explora RM Sur Poniente team.

At the end of the workshop, where the groups presented their visualizations, the appreciations of the participants were shared, creating a dynamic that allowed learning and sharing knowledge. This Workshop of Introduction to Data Science -without computer-, is an initiative of the IMFD in alliance with Explora RM, and with the support of ANID through the area of Projection to the External Environment (PME).

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